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About PMTT Group:

PMTT predecessor of company shares GROUP precision mechanics and technology transfer, which was established on 04.19.2006 with business license number: 0101923660 by Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi City . Currently, PMTT GROUP has 3 subsidiaries: PMTT, PMTT Automation, PMTT Trading. During self-improvement activities and assert themselves with the motto always best satisfy the needs of customers, so far PMTT GROUP has received the trust of customers in the industrial areas, especially foreign enterprises and has become one of the leading specialist unit of the engineering products, precision mechanical design, machine building, automation of production lines, sales of primary products carbon dioxide.


Build a professional technical team, have the knowledge and skilled, good ethics, modern working style in a professional working environment, dynamic, creative and friendly.
Creating products with high precision, prestige and the best customer service.
Field operations of PMTT GROUP:

Specializing in design and manufacture of mechanical products and precision engineering as: All kinds of fixtures, carts, tables manipulators, conveyors, roller frame, ...
Specializing in design and manufacture molds, installation of warehouses and store shelves based on the components and fittings.
Consulting, design workshops, production lines, clean room systems.
Specializing in designing and manufacturing products for automation: Integrated automation systems for industrial manufacturing, design management systems factory, electrical systems, electronic.
Consultancy and provision of equipment automation, measurement and control of Omron, Autonic, ABB, LS, ...
Professional business products: Aluminum shaped, plastic industrial products, conveyor roller bar, coupling HJ, ...
Quality Policy:

The first objective of the PMTT GROUP is to consistently provide products and services with excellent quality and most competitive price, in line with the needs of customers, so that PMTT GROUP is known as a brand name for ideal in meeting the expectations of each customer in each market area.
Maintaining and focus the collective strength, unity a block in the leadership, unite to create high-quality products is the way of the PMTT GROUP.
PMTT GROUP always maintain and constantly improve the quality management system based on the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001: 2008, method of production management "5S" of Japan to enhance competitiveness competition and customer satisfaction.
PMTT GROUP continuously improve qualifications and competence of cadres and workers, intensive investment in equipment and apply the most advanced technologies.
Quality Policy of PMTT GROUP is common for all officers and employees in the company to understand and implement.