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1. Summary PMTT

Tri Cuong Industry PMTT abbreviated name, more than 10 years working in the field of mechanical processing, design and manufacturing tools provide industry support.

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Mechanical processing machinery manufacturing

The company has a team of highly qualified engineers in the country and abroad as well as production workers skilled, experienced continuous training and retraining of new knowledge is always ready to respond and provide solutions best practices aim to please the customer, along with mechanical systems advanced equipment and modern. We, PMTT confidently provide the best products with the most competitive price for our customers.

With the motto "Cooperation adding value" on the basis of trust and sustainable development, towards the success of our customers. Therefore, we are increasingly better themselves, strengthen its position as a supplier of industrial equipment as well as leading the people born in Vietnam.

Mechanical processing services: mechanical precision machining, mold, cutting, milling, grinding, thermal ...

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Mechanical processing in PMTT

2 - Mechanical - The strength of the company

Mechanical processing technologies usually divided into two basic types:
- The non-chip processing methods: casting, forging, stamping, cold stamping, rolling or extrusion, molding, welding ... In particular, some of the processing method called deformation, pressure processing or heat processing.
- The cutting processing methods, usually turning, milling, planing, drilling, grinding ... These methods also known as swarf machining, cutting machining, mechanical processing

In addition to the mechanical processing methods mentioned above, the current in the engineering industry have appeared several new processing methods based on different principles. Example: Electric discharge machining, electron beam machining, ultrasonic machining ...

Not only provide the service needs of customers such as mechanical processing, fixtures, design and manufacture of machines, Tri Cuong also provides engineering products to serve the needs of customers:

- Machines and automated production lines
- Conveyors and integrated automation
- Racks, carts and factory equipment

Our customers are diverse, from industries such as: Food, beverage, electronics, automobiles, motorcycles ... Boasting major partners such as Coca Cola, Panasonic, Yamaha, Sumitomo, ABB , Meiko ....

Come to PMTT, we always guarantee the best product to the hands of consumers.

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